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Starbucks lines are getting too long

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Dear Starbucks –

Over the years, I know you have as a company prided yourself on consistency…and it seems to have worked.  In Paris this summer, the whole family was in “desperately seeking Starbucks” mode.  We’d all had too much Bastille day crowds and needed a breather – and your company was the one thing we all agreed on.  We wandered the streets using our broken French, and finally found one.  Ten plus Euro’s later, we all had our drink of choice (and mind you three of the my family are boys under 18, so they got the fun and expensive stuff), and our journey had a happy ending.

Well you have at least in my mind become consistent in another and probably not so flattering way.  The lines the morning have become too long for me.  I am 0 for 2 today – two Starbucks I normally stop at, one near my train and one near my office, had likely up to five minutes wait.  Granted, I am an impatient New Yorker, so don’t change your world for me.  But I also need my coffee.  So at the train I got station coffee, always cheaper, but you know what, not so bad.  And near the office I have started to patronize a place called The Bean.  I got a frequent coffee card, and I earned my free cup for ten punches.  And you know what, the coffee is better than yours. 

I am a frequent Starbucks card user – and used to use it a lot.  I was on auto reload for $25 bucks.  I would go through that in two weeks.  For the last two months I went to $15 bucks.  And I have found a way to make it last longer.  I am still drinking a lot of coffee – maybe even more. 

You have to something about the lines in the morning.  There is a person with headphones taking orders.  Does not work.  There is a system where people seem to be scurrying around behind the counter.  Doesn’t seem to speed things up (employees all seem to be asking each other questions all the time – not exactly battle ready in my view).  And save me if I order something fancy.  Forget about the wait then.

Most businesses have many problems.  You all seem to have just one problem.   Focus should help you fix it.  In this case, I won’t be waiting to see what happens, cause I just don’t have the time or patience to wait in line for your coffee. 

Let me know if I can elaborate further. 




Mark Hosbein
Frequent coffee card number: 6058 0109 0624 9126


Written by markhosbein

October 13, 2011 at 7:12 am

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