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The unresolved droid issue – resolved…for now

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so yes, I still have the droid.  it makes weird noises.  it feels like a brick in my hand.  it has not helped me start conversations or make new friends.  and it does not have as many cool carrying cases.

but the phone books is great.  and it has a gps.  and the 3g is pretty good.  and in the phone book, it automatically picks up people’s facebook profile picture as the ringer id and picture in contact.  for me to load up pictures in my contacts would have taken an entire vacation.

so i still have it.  big reason is verizon.  being in marketing, i am a sucker for marketing – and I believe those network map ads.  and there are some cool app’s, especially the camera which allows you to post a photo to your facebook in like three easy moves.  and at least it won’t get mixed up as some one else’s iphone.

so there she blows, i still have it.  maybe i will get an iphone for my birthday.


Written by markhosbein

February 14, 2010 at 9:03 pm

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